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Buyer Agency Agreement


A.      To seek out, and inform the Buyer about, properties which meet the Buyer's requirements, including those listed on the MLS system, private sales and unlisted properties.


B.       To represent the Buyer and to offer assistance regarding price, financing, chattels, inspections, appraisals, closing costs and all other relevant details relating to the transaction.


C.       To act as the Buyer's advocate by protecting and promoting the Buyer's best interest.  The agent's duties include: confidentiality, undivided loyalty, to obey all lawful instructions of the Buyer, to exercise reasonable care and skill, to account for all money and property, to disclose all facts, if known, any information relevant to the transaction, to abide by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practices of the Canadian Real Estate Association and the By-Laws and MLS Rules and Regulations of the Halifax-Dartmouth Real Estate Board, the Nova Real Estate Commission and Rules and Regulations of any other authority with jurisdiction


No more than it will cost if you use a traditional real estate service.

You choose the method of payment. The most common way is the same way other real estate agents are paid: the typical commission paid at closing is usually divided between the listing broker and the broker of The Buyer's Agent. Because the fee comes from the proceeds of the transaction, there is no need for you to incur additional cost for our services.

Other Saying of the Same Thing

Why should you hire me as your agent ?

  1. Explain you about the Buyer agency relationship.
  2. Arrange to fiancially prequalify you with a financial institution that will offer you the best mortgage rate with terms that fit you needs. We we have in-house mortgage agent, will help to find the best mortgage.
  3. Understand your needs, and locate all properties within your needs, and make appointments to show the properties you like. and locate the best property for your needs and best value for your money.
  4. Do a market analysis on the subject property and assist you in offer pricing strategy.
  5. Explain about the cost of purchasing a condominium or house.
  6. Prepare the written offers to purchase the properties and carefully choose with all terms and conditions to protect your interest.
  7. Negotiate the best price, and advise you about pros and cons of counter offer clauses.
  8. Prepare and deliver appropriate notices, and deliver them to the Vendor's Agent.
  9. Upon complation of the offer acceptance, deliver all pertinent papers to the Vendor's agent, you, and your attorney.
  10. I will accompany you during the home inspection and advise you on the home inspection report.
  11. I will make the buying proecess as simple as possible without any hassle.
  12. You will never be pressured to buy. I will find you a condominium that you will enjoy and pay a fair market price, will keep searching until you find exactly what you need.
  13. As a buyer agent, I will do my best negotiate the best price, and protect your interest.


Costs involved in buying a Condominium or House.

  • Legal fees and Disbursements ( approx. $750 - $1,500)
  • Land Transfer Tax. (One time property transfer tax payable to Government at the time of closing the Sale)
      • Land Transfer Tax Calculated as follows:
      • $0 - $50000 - 0.5 %
        $50.001 - $250,000 - 1.0 %
        $250001 - $400,000 - 1.5 %
        $400,001 and above - 2.0 %
  • Adjustments. (This refers to the proportionate share of realty taxes, maintanence fee, etc.)
  • Home Inspector (approx: $250- $400) for home buyers only.
  • Status Certificate (approx. $100) for condo buyers only.
  • Moving cost. (Cost varies approx. $65 - $85 per hour).
  • Cost of improvements before moving (Painting of your choice, Change the Carpet or Install wood flooring, repairs etc...)
  • Telephone, cable hook ups.

    CMHC Mortgage Insurance:
    Most banks and Lenders require buyers to take CMHC Mortgage insurance if the purchaser has less than 25% down payment. The insurance protects banks and Lenders against any payment defautls by the home Buyers. You can finance upto 95% of the Purchase price of a condo or home using CMHC mortgage insurance.

    1. The insurance rates are as follows: (Effective from July 14, 2003)
      Upto and including 65% Mortgage Loan - 0.5%
      Upto and including 75% Mortgage Loan - 0.65%
      Upto and including 80% Mortgage Loan - 1.0%
      Upto and including 85% Mortgage Loan - 1.75%
      Upto and including 90% Mortgage Loan - 2.0%
      Upto and including 95% Mortgage Loan - 3.25%

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